Name: Siri Kuptamethee

Occupation: A Clothing Designer

1.What does fashion mean to you? It doesn’t mean much personally but style does. But to squeeze an answer out of me, fashion means something that feel new and it’s happening around you at the right time. However something old like vintage clothing could feel new again at the right fashion moment in time. Fashion is like a revolving door. This is not including good timeless design garments that can always be fashionable no matter what time and place.

2. Favorite brands/ designers/ thrift stores?  I like many things from new to vintage, from established names to emerging designers. I just love clothes but at the moment, I’m loving Issey Miyake.

3. What are you wearing? Supreme nylon 6-panel cap, vintage Plantation wind coat by Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton x Supreme shoulder bag, Supreme camouflage pocket tee, and I’m breaking the rule here by wearing my cropped Adidas track pants with Nike Cortez basic jewel. Oh I didn’t realized this fit is a major logo crashing but who cares I only had 5 minutes to get dressed this morning.