Name: Quanah Coburn

1.What does NYC mean to you? NYC means so many things. It’s where I adopted my swang from. My precious moments of failure and success. I’ve always went away for the summer as a young girl fresh air fund to be exact and after the camp was over I would cry and cry and cry to stay there. And no one my friends camp couldn’t under stand New York was like meeting Michael Jackson and Beyonce all at the same time. Not after high I’ve realized NYC is one of the greatest places on earth you could be who ever you want to be. It’s the state of hustle and play.

2. If you could choose one place in the world to visit where would it be and why? Propably Antigua because my great grandmother came over a boat from that country. I would love to go back there and see how the women live. I love Caribbean people and the islands.

3. 3 words which describe NYC. Bold, Hustle, Individuality.